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Vicki and DanetteCabell Huntington Hospital

Huntington WV

September 17, 2002

Inventory: 3,325 items!!

Read about it in the Herald-Dispatch


From Vicki:

Danette and I spent 8 hrs Monday packing all the wonderful items, getting them ready for transport to the hospital. It did not take us long to realize that our original plan of using Danette's personal van and my car was not going to work. We made arrangements to obtain a small U-haul truck; the amount of items completely filled the floor of the truck.

Upon arriving at the hospital's loading dock, we met with a gentleman that stood on the dock scratching his head in amazement, trying to calculate how he was going to get everything to the room where we would be having the presentation, since he was the only one available at the time in receiving. We asked him if he did not know we were coming and his only remark was "I was told you were coming, but not told there was going to be so much." My husband, Danette's husband and her 2 sons proceeded to help in unloading and bringing boxes to the area they would be displayed.

Danette and I had entered the hospital through the front doors, and as we walked through the hallways to reach our destination, we saw posters everywhere we went that had been displayed throughout the hospital inviting people to visit Dining Room 3 at 2pm on the 17th to see all the wonderful items that were being donated by God's Tiny Angels and TLC for Angels. I have a couple of the different posters which I asked to have, as a keepsake of the delivery.

We set out all the boxes in rows and opened the tops to display the contents. Numerous items were displayed on various tables for visitors to see. Hospital staff were zipping in and out whenever they could steal a few minutes and would oooh and aaah over everything. They would get excited when they read some of the labels and would remark about how far away an item had come from. Several were excited when they spotted an item that came from an area that they were originally from before moving to Huntington.

Mom, Gunnar, and DanetteA very special surprise was arranged for Danette. Months ago, when Danette was at the hospital taking some items in, she held a preemie baby that she was giving some handmade items. The day of our delivery, the Mom of this baby brought him in to see Danette. He is a very healthy and happy baby. The Mom explained to Danette how her generosity made a world of difference during their trying time when he was born, and how she has never forgotten. She treasures the items that were given to her son.

Kathy and Sarah of Cabell both made speeches, extending their appreciation and and how remarkable it was to see how much love is poured into everything that is made and making reference that we (Danette and myself) were Angels. We corrected her, that we were the representatives of numerous Angels across the United States.

The staff presented Danette and I each a huge Mum plant, which I left with Danette to plant along side of hers in her yard. I was afraid that the plant would not survive the trip and it was too beautiful to take that chance. I will just have to make her send me pictures each year when it blooms and enjoy it that way. They also presented us with a soft sided briefcase with Cabell Huntington Hospital imprinted on it. They had punch and homemade cookies set out for the occasion.

TV coverage was provided by Channel 13, who interviewed Danette.

We also had the delightful pleasure of meeting Marianne Doty of Touching Little Lives based in Ohio, who took the time out of her extremely busy schedule to drive 3 hours to attend the presentation to lend us moral support.

After the presentation, Danette and her family, Marianne, my husband and myself went to a late lunch at Applebee's where we had a wonderful time.

I want to thank each and every one of you that participated in the Cabell presentation for all the love and hard work that you put into each and every item that you sent for the babies. Without you, God's Tiny Angels and TLC for Angels would not be what they are today. I always feel that Thank You just is not the proper words, that there has to be another term that would define and describe how I truly feel. You all are truly without a doubt REMARKABLE!

Vicki in NJ


Speech  Danette on TV 

 Items on display Always, thanks to the hubbies

Vicki and Danette amidst many boxes Staff look at items


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