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TLC Craft-A-Thon

The TLC Craft-A-Thon has been delayed, we hope to begin soon.

Now, for the really exciting announcement...  The TLC Craft-a-Thon!

We have decided to hold a Craft-A-Thon for each project we accomplish. There will be 4 categories, each with a Grand Prize. The categories will be Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting and Other. We are devising a point system, which means for every item you make and send in we will be giving points. The Other category is for items sents that are not handmade, such as an Angel Cache. Murf is currently working on the point system.

For every 10 points a person accumalates, they are entered in the Craft-A-Thon drawing that will take place on the day of the presentation, so everyone that participates in each project will have a chance for winning. The prizes for each category will be fitting for that craft.

You are not limited to one category. If a person sends a varied selection of tems those items will be given points an put into the category it belongs to.

Then there will be the Grand Prize, which is the prize for the most sent overall.

So there will be 5 winners each Craft-a-Thon.

We will be giving Rhianan the honor of pulling the names out of the drawing boxes on the day of the St. Joseph's presentation.

Good Luck to everyone, and Happy Crafting!!!!!!!

Note: Murf, Kaye and Vicki are providing the Craft-a-thon for volunteers only and will not be participating in the drawing, as they are Trustees. Competition is among the TLC volunteers.  We think this is going to be fun and exciting and ever so wonderful for the babies.

We want to thank everyone for the SUPER job you are doing. Every one of you have a part in making TLC a success.


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