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Northeast Medical Center

North Concord, NC

May 21, 2003

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Read about the delivery and the local fourth graders who participated on News 14 Carolina

From Vicki Knapp:

Northeast Presentation

This picture was taken at Northeast Medical by the hospital staff which I just received by email and I wanted to share it with you immediately. The children are holding Lovie Dolls the 4th grade class made as their community project and the 2 diaper bags they are holding was made by Dee Comeau of Massachusetts. We filled the diaper bags with complete layette sets, bottles, toys, bibs, etc. and they were presented to babies that day. We had the children do the presenting to the parents, which I wish all you Ladies could have been there as it was a precious site. The children were really excited to have been able to be the bearer of wonderful gifts to some of the babies. We felt it was extremely important to have the class as the highlight since they worked so hard on their community project. Murf, Grand and I stayed in the background letting the children have full rein. Each child received a personalized certificate from TLC as recognition of their generosity and compassion for others.

Vicki in NJ

From Murf:

Vicky and I arrived in NC on Sunday, May 18. We drove to Lynn's house on Monday. When we arrived, Lynn's house had been taken over by all the wonderful items sent in. After greeting Lynn and her dd, we loaded the van and drove back to Concord, where we took over my dd's house sorting and boxing all the wonderful items. By the end of the day, we were exhausted. We tallied up a total of 2,661 items. We knew there would be no way to fit all the items in the van. Grandpire, another member, and her dh were gracious enough to bail us out. They live around the corner from the hosipital, so they took 2 van loads of boxes back to their house.

On Wednesday morning, Vicky and I got up early, and took the final van load of items over to Grand's house. From their, we drove around the corner and delivered 2 van loads of items to Northeast's loading dock. After the second delivery, I proceded to the front entrance of the hospital's Family Unit to greet the 4th grade class from a local school in the area. Vicky went back to Grand's to retrieve the final load of boxes and Grand, and met me at the front of the hospital.

Once we were all gathered, we went into the hospital for the presentation. I must say, the kid's were so well behaved. They posed for pictures and were excited when Vicky presented each one with a TLC certificate.

We were then given a tour of the NICU/New baby unit. After the tour, 4 children were picked to present items to 2 new moms. First, I took 2 of the kids to present to the first mom. The one little boy was so nervous, but did manage to get through this with a little coaxing from me. They presented the mom with a diaper bag filled with items for the new baby (all of which were made and donated by TLC members) and an angel cache box that was filled and decorated by the children. I'm not sure who was more excited, the new mom or the kids (or perhaps it was me.. who was holding a camera and forgot to take pics)

Then, along with another 2 children, we presented to the second mom. She also received a diaper bag filled with items from TLC and an angel cache box from the kids. The diaper bags were also made by one of our members.

I did get the biggest kick out of the kids. When they were picked to present items to the moms, they tried to hold onto the items and their certificates. They didn't want to give them up. I had to coax them to give them to me, with a promise that I would give the certificates to their teacher, and she would know exactly who they belonged to. Of course, they watched me closely until the certificates were secure with their teacher.

The staff at the hospital were quite overwhelmed with all the items donated. They have never seen a donation of so many beautiful items, and last I heard from them, they were still looking. Because of space constraints on the floor of the NICU unit, they had to wait for us to leave to go to the locked cage where all the items were placed.

After the presentation, Vicky, myself, and grand, piled back into the van and headed back to Grand's house, where we were served lunch and some much needed coffee.

In summary, all I can still say, is "WOW". Thank you, each and every one, for making this day such a memorable one for me, and for those mom's whose lives you have touched in a very positive way. You have all touched the lives of the class that participated also. The impression left on them, will be a lasting one. I talked to their teacher (my dd) yesterday, and she told me her class will still talking about it. They were taught the wonderful lesson of giving without getting anything back, or so they thought. The good feelings they did get back will be with them for a long time.

So, everyone, another outstanding presentation has been accomplished because of everyone's help and support! Thank you!



Northeast Medical Center Presentation  Northeast Medical Center Presentation

Northeast Medical Center Presentation  Northeast Medical Center Presentation

Northeast Medical Center Presentation  Northeast Medical Center Staff

Northeast Medical Center TLC Cherubs  Northeast Medical Center TLC Cherubs

Northeast Medical Center Project Angels  Northeast Medical Center Project Angels


2,661 items

Great job ladies! Thank you so much for your never-ending generosity!


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