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Craft for Charity  ~  God Bless Us, Every One - Matching Skills With Needs ~ Version

Printed March 25, 2001

Winston-Salem Journal

Matching Skills With Needs

The Web is information source for needleworkers to help charities

At least once a year, I enjoy researching the activities of charity groups to see how people are making use of their needleworking skills. This year, the number and scope of charity groups is growing enormously. There are so many good ways to be of service to people with diverse needs.

One thing I quickly learned is that the Internet offers vast quantities of detailed information about charities and great patterns that make ideal projects for charity giving. If you have any access to the Web, be sure to check out some of the sites mentioned. You can go to these sites and print out information about the groups and a host of free patterns.

Joan Hamer, who writes the quarterly newsletter Pine Meadow Knitting, has organized a wonderful directory that is maintained by Emily Way at This Web page gives you a state-by-state listing of organizations with addresses and their missions. This wonderful listing is especially helpful if you are interested in connecting with groups who help those in your local area. You can also find a link to a comprehensive charity pattern directory. If you'd like information on subscribing to Joan's newsletter, you can reach her at P.O. Box 2375, Sun City, AZ 85372-2375. A subscription costs $18 a year.

Another very helpful site that includes details on a number of groups and more patterns is The host, Barbara Breiter, provides such helpful information on this site that it's worth a visit even if you aren't interested in charity needlework. also has a crochet site that can be linked from the knitting area. At this site, I printed a hat pattern for a newborn baby that would make a wonderful charity item.

Another charity listing can be found at This page is maintained by The Crochet Guild of America. It features charities that accept both knit and crocheted items. Each listed charity gives a brief sentence of the type of offerings they are seeking. You can click on any charity you find of interest to find further details.

At I found details about The Precious Pals program. The Knitting Guild of America's program was started as a means of providing immediate comfort to children in crisis. TKGA provides police departments around the United States with stuffed animals dressed in knitted outfits to give to children. Dressed animals can be mailed to TKGA, 524 W. Fifth Ave., Unit B, Knoxville, TN 37917. They will distribute your offering at their next conference or convention.

Go to and you'll find out about a nationwide charity group that gives handcrafted items to four hospitals each year. They are looking for such items as hats, booties, blankets, toys and preemie burial gowns. You can also reach them at TLC for Angels, 850 Fort Plains Road, Howell, NJ 07731-1190; (732) 886-0643; e-mail

Newborns in Need "makes and donates baby gowns, blankets, and other essential baby items to hospitals, homeless shelters and other organizations that providefor premature and newborn infants,"according to its Web site, Information about the Triad chapter is available online at

Project Linus is a well-known 100 percent volunteer group that provides blankets and afghans to warm and comfort seriously ill and traumatized children from infants through age 18. They are interested in knit and crocheted afghans, as well as quilted blankets. Child-friendly coloring is especially welcome. You can get more details at or write to Project Linus, P.O. Box 5621, Bloomington, IL 61702-5621. You can donate your finished blankets to local chapters or the national headquarters. For information on a local chapter, Project Linus of Forsyth County, call Trish Good at 723-0677.

• Nancy welcomes your comments or questions about the column or any needleworking subject. Hints or questions of general interest will be used in the column when possible. Please send them to Nancy Thomas, c/o Features Department, Winston-Salem Journal, P.O. Box 3159, Winston-Salem, NC 27102. For a personal reply, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. will forward your letter.


Released December 19, 2000:

As Tiny Tim Said, God Bless Us, Every One.

On December sixteenth TLC for Angels, a nation-wide charity group that hand crafts items for four hospitals a year, delivered one of their projects.  This project was for Gulf Coast Center in Fort Myers, Florida, a home for mentally handicapped resident patients.  TLC held a holiday party for the patients.  It was a wonderful success.  All of the TLC volunteers worked very hard to bring some joy to these patients.  It touched our hearts so deeply.

There were so many occurrences that brought smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes. The one that stands out the most in the girls' cottage was the second girl to receive her gift. She found a Sun Bonnet Sue stuffed doll in her gift. Now realize that she can't talk, but she let the whole group know that she loved that doll immediately.

Some of the girls weren't too sure about all that was going on. The strange looking big man in a red suit, with all that white hair (it was 89 degrees and Bob was wearing a plush Santa suit), the pretty lady also dressed in red, and the other two strangers walking around with funny hats on with bells that jingled and shoes that had curled toes, also with bells. And there was the tall big man who knew each and every name.

The gentlemen were much more reserved; some were blind but they enjoyed the sound or feel of their gifts. George was such a shy little guy.  Imagine this: he is not more than 5 ft tall and in a wheelchair and he is one of the older ones there, probably late 30s. He has the sweet little cherub face. Looking up at Bob and smiling, looking at Vickie and smiling. Just over and over these sweet little smiles appeared. He loved his gift and when he left he said goodbye.

Another patient who received a lapghan wrapped himself up immediately in it from the top of his head to as far as it would reach, and cooed. Chuckie, the one who loves Oreos, received an Oreo blanket and a Tin of Oreos; he was draped with his blankie, trying to eat the BIG Oreo.

The staffs of both cottages were so very helpful and caring, helping their clients to open and see their gifts. And giving them the snacks and drinks that Brenda (the house Mom) supplied for the party.

They all enjoyed the gifts we gave them from our hearts. We know even though they could not express thanks, it was there. As Tiny Tim said, God bless us, every one.

Released May 21, 2000:

Craft for Charity - TLC for Angels Seeks Donations

TLC for Angels is a charity group created by Vicki Knapp, Nancy Gallo and Cindy Olson striving to supply handmade items for preemies, infants and children in hospitals that are in dire need of everyday necessities. Because of our tremendous love and passion for ALL children and the fact that we each are blessed with wonderful healthy children and grandchildren of our own, our goal is to select four hospitals a year to present our donations to, helping to make a difference in the lives of other families that are less fortunate and currently facing a difficult time. By practicing our slogan, "The Heart of Giving" on a daily basis, we will be able to send the message to these families that they are not alone..." Someone out there really cares!"

The much needed handmade items consist of hats, booties, blankets, toys, activity kits, preemie burial gowns, isolette covers, "Complete Take Me Home" ensembles, etc., which will distributed to children that are patients in the selected hospitals.

Our current project is for the Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York for a late September or early October delivery. Actual delivery date will be posted on our web page within 2 weeks time. Southside Hospital is in particular need of Take Me Home outfits, regular size blankets, newborn size hats and booties and toys for the babies.

We are continually looking for volunteers to become volunteers of our group to combine their expertise in their craft field with ours, for donations of handmade creations of love, to share ideas that can make us a more successful group for such a worthy cause, and to recommend hospitals that need our assistance.

We are pleased to announce that a new feature has been added to our web site to welcome and encourage children to become involved. We have created a kid's page giving simple patterns and craft ideas that a child can make by themselves or with the assistance of a parent to be able to experience the rewarding experience of knowing they have helped make a difference in another child's life and to become a TLC Cherub.

The goal of our site is to let people know of our group, our functions and to allow other people to join forces with us so we may build a strong network of people to help these children. We invite you to visit our web page and hopefully subscribe to join TLC for Angels. When visiting our site, you will find that we promote other charity sites as well. It doesn't matter which charity you join, whether it be ours or another group, everyone is striving for the same objective: "HELPING CHILDREN"...they are what is of the utmost importance; These "ANGELS" are the stars and deserve recognition.


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