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TLC Angels

TLC For Angels was founded on the belief that every child deserves a good start.

It is heart-wrenching to realize how many babies are born into the world without a warm blanket or proper clothing. When our donations are presented to hospitals, consisting mainly of hand crafted clothing and blankets, we only provide for a small portion of the millions of babies born each year in the U.S. But if we can make a difference in just one life, we are rewarded. If one more child goes home with a blanket or sweater to keep them warm, if one more little angel is dressed in a beautiful bereavement gown which helps the parents begin their healing process, if one more mother smiles because she has just learned that someone cares, we have been successful in working towards our goals.

In the spring of 2000, our Trustees Vicki Knapp, Nancy Gallo, and Kaye Hardin, following these beliefs, gave life to TLC for Angels, a 501 (c) 3 IRS approved non-profit organization. This site was created to let people know of TLC's existence, functions and goals. To encourage other individuals to join forces with TLC to build a strong network of crafters to help Angels who need an extra touch of "Tender Loving Care".

We select 3 hospitals each year to deliver donations of handmade items consisting of hats, booties, blankets, sweaters, buntings, take-me-home ensembles, toys, activity kits, bereavement gowns, etc., generously and lovingly created by crafters located across the U.S. and internationally who sew, crochet or knit. For the benefit of those who would like to help but feel they are crafting-challenged, we have created ideas of how to help, such as our Angel Caches along with several other suggestions.

This group is all-volunteer, there are no salaries or compensations paid and all gifts are given to the babies and their parents free of charge.

Why is This so Important?

Map of TLC volunteer coverage in US

Volunteers in  Australia Volunteer in  Canada 

1. Southside Hospital, Long Island NY 
2. Gulf Coast Center, Ft. Myer's FL
3. St Josephs Hospital, Patterson NJ
4. Emerson Hospital, Concord MA
5. Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor ME 
6. Tyrone Hospital, Tyrone PA 
States and countries highlighted in navy are home to TLC volunteers
Map accurate as of February 2002

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