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Monday, October 16, 2000

Donated Items ~ Pictures

We have scheduled our first project for Southside Hospital which is in Bay Shore, New York. We have a delivery date of October 2. The mailing deadline for the Southside project is Aug 30th. Current needs for this hospital are newborn size items such as blankets, hats, booties, sweaters, etc...Anything that a baby can wear home, since many of the families are really in need of assistance and do not have the money to buy things to take their babies home in.

"TLC (Tender Loving Care for our Little Angels) Chose Southside Hospital as Their First Hospital to Receive a Generous Donation of Hand Made Baby Items for Needy Newborns

On Monday, October 16, 2000, TLC (Tender Loving Care for our Little Angels), a non-profit charity group, came to Southside Hospital's New Maternity Center with an overwhelming donation of baby items, i.e. hand made buntings, quilts, girl & boy outfits, blankets, sweater sets, hats, booties, etc. to be given to Southside Hospital's needy newborns.

TLC volunteers consist of 70 volunteers from all over the United States and Australia. TLC is a charity group representing volunteers who knit, crochet and sew baby items to be donated to various hospitals all over the United States. When we think about the computer age this charity group excels because they use the Internet to communicate with volunteers and also to recruit new volunteers. The volunteering is growing with caring people concerned with providing needy newborns with their first new outfit. TLC was founded in January 2000 and started its first project in June, which took three months to complete. Responsible for making the decision to have Southside as their very first hospital was TLC trustee, Vicki Knapp, from New Jersey, whose oldest daughter, Betty Jean, was born at Southside Hospital 30 years ago on August 14, 1970 and TLC Trustee, Nancy Gallo, from Lake Grove, L.I. [Long Island], whose sister was a patient 3 years ago and spent 3 months in Southside Hospital's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit. Nancy stated, 'My sister had been to several hospitals and Southside Hospital was the only hospital that could help her and IO was very pleased with the kindness and consideration of the Nursing Staff at Southside Hospital.'"

Donated Items:

"I spoke with the hospital again this morning...they are still in awe at what
was received....they say they had no expectations of the amount that was
given....the entire hospital is buzzing about the presentation....." - Vicki


52 Blankets (Crochet/Knit)
20 Blankets (Sewn/Quilted)
83 Hats (Crochet/Knit)
3 Preemie Gown sets (Crochet)
25 Booties (Crochet/Knit)


42 Blankets (Crochet/Knit)
11 Blankets with matching Hats (Crochet/Knit)
9 Quilts
12 Buntings (Crochet/Knit/Sewn)
63 Bibs (Crochet/Knit)
24 Girl outfits (Crochet/Knit/Sewn)
13 Boy outfits (Crochet/Knit/Sewn)
3 Girl Sets (Blanket, hat, booties) (Crochet/Knit)
9 Girl Sets (Dress, Sweater, Hat, Booties with crocheted carry bag)
4 Boy Sets (Romper/shirt,Booties,Hat, Booties with crocheted carry bag
29 Girl Sweater Sets (Crochet/Knit)
24 Boy Sweater Sets (Crochet/Knit)
2 Sweaters (Crochet/Knit)
59 Hats (Crochet/Knit)
62 Booties (Crochet/Knit)
2 Hats with matching Booties (Crochet/Knit)
16 Toys (11 Teddy Bears (sewn), 4 Kitties (sewn), 1 Crocheted Baby)

"This is truly a remarkable count.....and I know Southside Hospital will be
forever grateful for all the hard work everyone has contributed to making our
first delivery a smashing success.....You all have made TLC for Angels
proud....Everyone that participated in the Southside presentation has
definitely EARNED their Angel Wings......." - Vicki


BuntingCraft for charity - Volunteer and donate handmade items you crochet, knit, or sew for babies and preemiesCrocheted Romper & Shirt

Crocheted Jumper & TopCraft for charity - Volunteer and donate handmade items you crochet, knit, or sew for babies and preemiesSewn Rompers

Sweater SetsCraft for charity - Volunteer and donate handmade items you crochet, knit, or sew for babies and preemiesMore Sweater Sets

Blankets & Matching HatsCraft for charity - Volunteer and donate handmade items you crochet, knit, or sew for babies and preemiesBooties to the horizon

Teddies & Booties

(Click for larger) Portion of the donated items

(Click for larger) Kaye, Murf, Cindy, Vicki & Hospital Staff

One of the first babies to leave with a touch of TLC

We received some recognition for our work:

(Click for larger) Certificate from Southside

"Certificate of Honor

In appreciation of your outstanding, voluntary contribution to our Southside community, we are pleased to award TLC for Angels this certificate of honor as an expression of our gratitude, and in recognition of the honor your efforts have bestowed upon us all."

(Click for larger) TLC is front page news


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