St. Joseph's Hospital

Paterson New Jersey

Friday, April 20, 2001

About the Delivery ~Donated Items ~ Rhianan's Gift of Love

About the Delivery:

What a wonderful day I had! Once again, because of everyone's generous hearts, we have made another hospital staff speechless.

St. Joseph's hospital staff were totally amazed and surprised at the amount of items that were presented to them today. They claim that our donation is the largest that they have ever received, and they were absolutely thrilled and kept saying over and over how every item will be ever so helpful for their patients.

The staff at St. Joseph's were as amazed as Southside Hospital was to learn that items came from every part of the United States and as far away as Hawaii; and that it was all organized through the internet.

Preemie diaperThe staff took Terri (Nanna12), her two daughters, Rhianan, her granddaughter, and myself on a tour of the hospital. We were able to take a peek at some of the smallest of preemies to the full term babies. One doctor gave us each a disposable diaper that is used for a preemie, saying that on most preemies the diapers are still too big. As soon as I can get my hands on a regular size disposable diaper, I am going to lay them side by side, take a pic, and post to the files to show everyone how teeny tiny these diapers are. It is truly amazing.

The PR staff of the hospital took pictures, and will be sending the pictures along with a press release that they have said will be in several papers. They will notify me as to when the release will be published. They are also going to make sure I get copies of the pictures that they took; as soon as I get them I will post them.

Special DonationRhianan was able to present a special gift that was made by our very own Murf. It was a complete Take Me Home outfit. It was given to a very special little girl, sadly I was not able to get a release to post the picture on the web site as the little angel is in custody of the state. But at least we have the happy knowledge that this little baby girl will be arriving to wherever she is going dressed beautifully with a lot of love wrapped around her.

After the presentation, we had lunch, where we were able to relax and enjoy each other's company and share the warm feelings that we had from the delivery. Everyone had a wonderful experience. Rhianan was absolutely adorable, so full of smiles, and she was even given special permission to tour the NICU with us, even though there was an age restriction. The Nurse Manager has invited Rhianan to come back for a longer visit, to spend time anytime she would like.

Again, I applaud each and everyone of you for your hard work and extreme generosity, and thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty to TLC for Angels, for making this group such a wonderful success.

MUCH Love and MANY Hugs,


Rhianan's Gift of Love

When I (Vicki) scheduled St. Joseph's, it was in response to their request  of being considered as a recipient of our gifts, as their supply was dangerously low and they needed assistance in replenishing so they may help the many babies and their families that utilize their hopsital.

After scheduling this presentation, we became aware that knowledge of this presentation had a great impact on the lives of one of our very own volunteers of the TLC family.

Terry (Nanna12)  in the past years  has frequented, and will continue to frequent this hospital on a steady basis, as this hospital has been caring for her precious Granddaughter, Rhianan,  who battles daily with  Diabetes Type 1. Having this disease requires constant medical monitoring, several bouts of emergency treatments and at times is an extremely emotional strain on the family, especially when it is an extreme case as Rhianan's...

St. Joseph's has provided all along with great care, love, patience, understanding and dedication. They have gone beyond the call of duty to treat Rhianan with the utmost top quality care and respect possible, for which Terry has always wanted to find a way to repay them for their generosity. Hearing that we were going to do a presenation at St. Jospeph's gives her an avenue to to accomplish her dream.

Since  St. Joseph's is responsible for giving Rhianan the "Gift of Life" ,  we have made a decision to help Terry fulfill her goal by making this project 

"TLC for Angels presents -
Rhianan's Gift of Love"


On the day of presentation, we have requested for Terry and Rhianan to attend so they can have the honor of presenting the first  box of baby items to the Officials of St. Joseph's.

I always work hard on each presentation, as each presenatation is so very important and special, however, I think this presentation is going to be ever so special and I find myself working even harder to help Terry present an abundance of gifts to give St. Joseph's as a Thank You for taking such good care of her Grandaughter.

Take Care and God Bless,
Vicki Knapp
TLC for Angels Trustee

Thank you to the 5th grade class of the
St. Aloysius School in Jackson, NJ!

We recieved a package full of donations from these caring students. The class made these craft items for their "Works of Mercy" mission, which is to visit the sick, and they wanted to have their crafts to be included for the St. Joseph's project. There were 31 beaded craft projects, which are like a key chain, very bright and colorful and you can tell they were made with lots of love.

Donation from St. Aloysius School

Donated Items:

This is what happens to your living room when you're in charge of a TLC delivery...

Donation Donation 

Donation Donation

 Donation  Donation


Anyone can help TLC, this blanket was made by a kind volunteer who is blind Donation Donation Donation

Donation Donation Donation Donation

St Jospehs Quilt Square


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