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Volume 1, Issue 2  March 2002

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Map of TLC volunteer coverage in US

4. Emerson Hospital, Concord MA
5. Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor ME 
6. Tyrone Hospital, Tyrone PA 

Letter From the Editor

Hello! Welcome to “Tidings of Love for Children”! TLC is the newsletter of TLC For Angels, an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, registered in the state of New Jersey.

The year 2001 was one of great success for TLC For Angels. We had four presentations, with more than 4,000 items donated to deserving hospitals. We completed the process of obtaining our IRS approved non-profit status, and continue to see our membership grow!

In this issue, you will read about each of the three presentations we have held since our last issue, and will see what we have in store for the rest of 2002!

We have three “original” patterns for you this time, and the information section, has some Internet addresses where you might find more new patterns.

We have some articles of interest for you, including a special one we snuck past Vicki, titled “The Heart of TLC For Angels”. Our Member Spotlight this issue shines on Cay Yunke. Cay is an inspiration to all of us! Also, Debbie Murray tells us how coordinating the Emerson Hospital project affected her family.

I hope that each of you enjoys reading the newsletter as much as I enjoy putting it together!

Happy Reading, everyone!


Current Project

As one project comes to an end, another one immediately begins. Each project is given a 4 month working period from beginning to presentation. There is a lot of work to be done even after the Host volunteer receives the items to be donated.  Each item is tagged by the donor, according to size, gender of the recipient, and logged into a ledger for our non-profit IRS status.

Jacobi Medical Center

We are currently in the working period for our first project of the new year, which is Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, NY. Their Mission Statement: “The patient is at the center of all our efforts.”

This hospital delivers an average of 3,000 babies per year. Among these children, approximately 2% are premature births. Jacobi operates a Level III Neonatal ICU with one of the best outcome records in the United States.

Jacobi is located in a typically low-income area; all patients are treated, no matter their ability to pay. Jacobi also runs a medical clinic for local families, where “gently used” clothing in all child sizes will be greatly appreciated! These items will be given to Jacobi separate from our scheduled presentation. Donations may be sent to: 850 Ft. Plains Rd. Howell, NJ 07731-1190

Coordinators: Vicki Knapp and Nancy Gallo (Trustees) will co-host this event
Donations can be mailed to our Hostess for this event:
Vicki Knapp
850 Ft. Plains Rd.
Howell, NJ 07731-1190
Mailing date: April 30
Delivery date: May 20 at 11 am
Requested items: take-me-home ensembles, sweaters, hats, booties, blankets and angel gowns, in all sizes ranging from preemie through toddler.
Bagging & Tagging:
When coordinators receive donated items, they are bagged and tagged according to size and gender, to keep them clean and organized until they are needed. TLC For Angels is accepting donations to assist with the purchase of the bags and tags. Please include the size of each item with your name and state. (E-mail address/screen name optional)

Upcoming Presentation

Covenant Medical Center, Waterloo, IA

Start Date: Aug 17
Mail Date: Nov 30
Presentation: Dec 2002


Rep. Susan Pope presented the staff of Emerson Hospital with a Citation to congratulate them for being chosen to receive a TLC For Angels donation. Emerson Hospital Presentation

Concord, Massachusetts
August 2001

By Debbie Murray

Read more about the Emerson Hospital  Presentation

As coordinator for the Emerson Hospital project, I collected donated items and sorted, washed, tagged and bagged each item as I inventoried them into a book.

As the summer days went by, my trips to the post office became more and more frequent. The many boxes intrigued the postal workers. Finally, I opened one to show everyone what was inside. They were amazed at the beautiful workmanship of the items being donated. The one man who opened the door every day to give me the boxes told me about his own daughter being born a preemie at Emerson hospital. He was astounded by such a wonderful charity, and said the items were very much needed and would be greatly appreciated.

As my dining room piled high with boxes upon boxes, I was awestruck over the generosity of the TLC members. TLC For Angels members donated over 1,000 items for the babies! There were more than 33 large boxes chock full with items, such as full layettes, hats, booties, afghans, angel gowns, handmade doggies and bears, as well as toys and store bought items.

Meredith with her Certificate of HonorMy 5-year-old daughter, Meredith, was there with me every step of the way, helping to coordinate hats with booties, putting labels on boxes, and picking up boxes at the post office. When Vicki came to our house to prepare for the presentation, Meredith was given a Cherub Award, which is hanging in Meredith's room above her dresser.

There was a full-page article on page one of the Life in Sudbury section in the Sudbury Town Crier newspaper and the Concord Journal as well.

At the presentation, hospital staff and nurses gathered around to check out the goodies for the babies. They “oooed and aaahhed” over the tiny items that were donated. They just couldn’t believe the love, time and talent put together for the babies.

Joining us at the presentation was Massachusetts State Representative Susan Post, who even helped us to carry boxes in! Rep. Pope presented the staff (which included Ronnie Forand and Nurse Manager Public Relations Director, Jan Quinty) with a Citation congratulating Emerson Hospital for being chosen for a donation by TLC For Angels.

I am honored to have been able to coordinate the presentation at Emerson Hospital. Every member of TLC For Angels should be proud of themselves for doing such caring and loving work for the babies!

Eastern Maine Medical Center Presentation

Bangor, Maine
November 2001

Read about the  Eastern Maine Medical Center Presentation

Tyrone Hospital Presentation

Tyrone, Pennsylvania
January 2002

Certificate of Achievement Read more about the Tyrone Hospital  Presentation

We were able to present more than 670 items to Tyrone Hospital. In attendance was Hospital administration, staff and auxiliary members, and Tyrone’s mayor. TLC For Angels members who were present were Vicki Knapp, Nancy Gallo, Julie Gummo (Coordinator), Loretta Kurtz, and Deb Hoover.

The presentation itself was great! The staff was so overwhelmed. They were surprised at the wonderful craftsmanship in the items we donated. Personnel from other departments came to see all the items being donated. They also seemed to feel privileged to have been chosen to receive our donations. Several reporters of various media were there and interviewed the TLC members for their TV news broadcast, newspaper articles, and radio news programs. Everyone who was there was in awe at all of the beautiful items donated. They were amazed to learn that TLC For Angels members communicate mostly through the Internet and e-mail, and that the members live so far apart, but still are able to work together for a common cause.

We explained that we had an area coordinator, (Julie Gummo) who did a wonderful job of making sure all of the items were tagged and bagged and boxed up. She not only coordinated the actual donation, but also coordinated collecting the items, in between her usual day-to-day business. Julie’s daughter Ashley, Deb Hoover and Loretta Kurtz were instrumental as co-coordinators, and we appreciate their efforts. Thanks also to Deb Hoover for the wonderful follow-up after the presentation by forwarding pictures and news articles.

When one reporter asked what she considered the key factor of the success of TLC For Angels, Vicki said, “…It is the volunteers who make TLC a reality and continuing success.” Thank you to each member who helped to make the Tyrone Hospital presentation a success.

Angels in ActionAngels In Action

On occasion, TLC For Angels members have opportunity to see that their donations are being used. Debbie Murray and her daughter Meredith returned to Emerson Hospital in December, to deliver Christmas ornaments made and donated by Meredith’s Daisy Girl Scout troop. While at the hospital, the head of Volunteer Services asked if they would like to see the babies in the nursery since they were near that department. Every baby in the Nursery was wearing a TLC For Angels donated cap!

The use of the items donated by TLC For Angels is not always a happy event. Lynn Chapman, a member from North Carolina, knew of a young mother whose child was stillborn. This is such a tragic event for any mother to endure. Lynn was concerned about how the death of the child might affect this young mother in particular. So she wrote to the TLC For Angels e-mail group in request of a burial gown for the tiny infant. Fortunately, Vicki was able to assemble an Angel gown set from donated items, and the following morning, the set was on its way from New Jersey to North Carolina. Another member, Diane Comeau of Massachusetts told of another family who benefited from the use of a TLC For Angels donated Angel Gown at Emerson Hospital, when her daughter-in laws sister endured the loss of a stillborn child. Diane and her family were very thankful that Emerson was able to assist in this way, due to TLC For Angels donations.

Angel Gown set memorial keepsakes Each Angel Gown Set includes a memorial keepsake for the parents, such as these wooden angels, made and donated by Elaine Latnik of Salem, MA

At the Eastern Maine Medical Center presentation, our coordinators met the father of premature twin girls who received matching blanket sets in the NICU, made and donated by Danette LeMaster of West Virginia. He said that his daughters were getting wonderful medical care, but this Touch of Love from TLC For Angels would make just the difference. The parents of twin boys also in the NICU at EMMC sent a card to thank Sally Morgan of Ohio for the two quilts she made and donated.

Shortly after the Tyrone Hospital Presentation, there was another article printed in the local newspaper, with a picture of a newborn baby who received a TLC For Angels “Take-me-home” set. Tyrone's Valentines Baby The article was celebrating the birth of Tyrone’s Valentine Baby, born February 13, 2002.

Tyrone’s Valentine Baby, Madison Nicole Kowalcyk, born February 13, 2002. Pictured here with Jessie Anders of the Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary, Madison’s mother, Michelle, and Madison’s big brother, Dakota.

Cay and MarvMember Spotlight - Cay

Hi! I'm a mom of three, step-mom of 2 and grandmom of 9. I love to crochet, knit, needlepoint and counted cross-stitch.

My kids think I started crocheting and knitting with dinosaur bones and grasses, and stone tablet patterns, but it’s not so. I learned when I was in my twenties and had two babies and a husband who worked afternoons. With lots of time on my hands, I got a how-to book and got started. I taught myself to crochet, and let me tell you, a ripple afghan is not the first thing I would ever suggest for anyone to start with. It took me forever! But, I do teach crocheting, and I suggest starting with a small project to learn the stitches.

After the how-to books, I started doing all kinds of things. I have a room full of started crafts (called “THE ROOM” by my husband). I found most things I made were “originals” either because I made mistakes, or I didn’t like how it looked and altered it to suit me. Creating my own patterns is just something I have done forever, it seems. I did sell some of my patterns to Annie’s Attic in the 80’s and now I make patterns for my beloved wee ones. I love making for the babies now.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with MS and found I had to retire from nursing earlier than I had planned. Shortly after that my beloved youngest daughter was murdered. Out of grief and a need to be useful and helpful to others, I found TLC and started making preemie angel gowns and hats. For me, TLC is a lifesaver, and blessed group. I feel needed and always feel my time is of use now, making wee ones wee things.

In the last few months I've added two members to my family. Roxie and Gabby are my preemie and newborn size dolls. What a help they are. Several TLC For Angels members are using dolls to check donated items for proper size. Mine sit by my chair and model my latest creation. I have learned so much from them about sizes and proportions. They are an inspiration to us, to keep us doing what we do. I took pictures of my dolls for my mom and she passed them around so people could see what I'm so excited about.

Friends send me things they have made for the wee ones, and I send them to the TLC presentations. A little blind lady in a nursing home, who is a dear friend of my mom's, knits blankets. My mom sets up balls of yarn for her. A 9-year-old son of a friend crocheted a blanket. He races motocross with his brothers and between races he asked what I was doing. I was making a blanket while watching the races. I told him about the wee ones. He made a blanket, and I sent it in for him. My mom has a small group of ladies who get together to share crafts and time together. They too have started to make items for the wee ones and say it has opened whole new worlds to them.

At Christmas time I try to make at least one thing for each member of my family. It is getting harder to do as they are all growing up. I love to thread crochet doilies and have made christening gowns for some of my grand kids. Making heirlooms, I call it. Making memories.

My goal in my life right now is to smile knowingly at least once a day, to laugh once a day, and to make memories once a day by doing something with love. My life is full thanks to my family, my craft and this group of caring loving people, that I dearly call FRIENDS.

}{ }{ (((((Angel Hugs)))))}{ }{


"You can give without love, but you can't love without giving"

See two of Cay’s Original Patterns in this issue!

- Note: LaNewborn Nursery Dolls by Berenguer are made of soft vinyl. SKU# 43657 01083 Item number 1073. Each doll comes with one diaper, bib, hospital ID bracelet, romper, matching hat, booties, baby bottle, and baby powder and baby shampoo bottles. The doll comes in Newborn and Preemie sizes, and is recommended by TLC For Angels volunteers to obtain correct size for clothing items.

Order Berenguer dolls online by check, credit card, or PayPal here: http://xprss.com/gdwinhmstd/default.asp
Accepted payment mothods not indicated: http://dollssoreal.zoovy.com/category/dolls.berenguer/

The Information Page

Because TLC For Angels volunteers use the internet and e-mail for their primary source of communication, this section is dedicated to providing internet addresses for patterns and information. Internet use is not required to be a member or to participate in our projects. Our contact information is on the last page of this newsletter. (Note: Public Libraries usually have Internet access available for public use.)

The Better Homes and Gardens Web sites are full of interesting ideas and information for all crafts. http://www.bhg.com/bhg/crafts/index.jhtml NOTE: Look for an article titled “The Latest Craze: Knitting Returns”, and Crafting Basics for Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting & sewing.

Lion Brand Yarn offers free patterns for both Knitting and Crochet. http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/lionbrand/index.fcgi?page=http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/

Another favorite site among members is http://www.craftown.com/crochet.htm

Go to http://www.needlepointers.com/index.asp and click on your craft of choice for an index of stitch guides, hook and needle conversion charts, etc. Magazines that are available online (E-zines) are linked at the bottom of the crochet and knitting pages, along with several different organizations, such as the Crochet and Knitting guilds of America, and the Yarn Council of America.


A pattern for a crocheted face cloth: http://crochetmusings.freeservers.com/pats/bfacecl.html

Finger puppets: http://www.craftown.com/cropat15.htm

Crochet a “Baby Sling” http://kanggah.com/cheap/sling.html

NobleKnits.com features fresh and fun crochet kits for children ages 6 months to 4 years. http://www.nobleknits.com (Patterns for sale, some free sample patterns available for knit & crochet)

http://www.keyway.net/crafts/patternsindex.html For Knitting Patterns

Sewing Patterns and Embellishments: http://www.primroselanepatterns.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi

An index to sites on the net with children's and infant patterns http://sewing.about.com/cs/kidspatterns/

Fast & Fun Crochet, Newborn Bunting Pattern: (Spring Issue) http://www.fastandfuncrochet.com/spring2002/spr_patterns.html

This is a perfect pattern for the group . . . a 19” doll pattern that is perfectly sized for a preemie. http://crochetpartners.org/Patterns/CPpat30.html

Tips & Tricks

1. "Knitting and Crochet Tips and Tricks" http://www.knitting-crochet.com/tip.html

2. This one is great.. http://tweetyrose.8m.com/hints1.html

3. "The Crochet Entusiasts" http://ckglorac.tripod.com/thecrochetenthusiast/

4. "Knitting Tips & Tricks" http://knitting.about.com/bltips.htm

5. A good resource for sewing problems.. "what to do if...." http://www.masseysewing.com/scanner.htm

6. Lots of sewing links found here: http://dmoz.org/Arts/Crafts/Needlework/Sewing/

7. Tips for attaching ribbing: http://craftandfabriclinks.com/TIPS/ribtips.html

8. Free embroidery pattern.. it says for a pillow case.. but could easily be used as a blanket border. http://craftandfabriclinks.com/TIPS/ribtips.html

9. Crafts, etc. http://www.craftsetc.com/projects/tips.cfm

10. Check out the new Virtual Tip book! http://www.thefamilycorner.com/cgi-bin/tips.cgi

11. Stich Guide (with pictures), Metric to US hook conversion chart, Stich abreviations, Symbols, Guage info.... http://www.stitchguide.com/pages/cro_index.html

12. CraftsNHobbies Craft tips, hints, and good advice  http://www.craftsnhobbies.com/ncnh/crafters-tips/mn.html

DebbieTales of a Coordinator

How TLC For Angels Presentations Affect a Family

By Debbie Murray

There was so much good to come out of the TLC For Angels presentation at Emerson Hospital on August 9, 2001. Yes, the babies are provided for with the wonderful items made and donated by the members of TLC For Angels. But there's more to it than that.

This presentation was a good way to show my family that charity doesn't just mean whipping out your checkbook or simply dropping coins into a pot at the market. My family saw firsthand that charity work involves time and talent. Just about every day, my family sees me crocheting or crafting something for someone.

When I was coordinating the Emerson presentation for TLC For Angels, each member of my family, my children - Jeremy, who is 13, Jackson, who is 10, and Meredith, who was 5, and my husband, Bob - was involved in one way or another. My daughter, Meredith, came with me to the post office every day, and she helped open the boxes, count the items, bagged and tagged each one. We had boxes set up around my dining room (there you go - charity means giving up space in your house as well! LOL) where we sorted each item by "newborn" or "preemie" sizes, then in categories, such as hats, booties, blankets, gowns, toys, sets. Each child helped me count and log the items into the book; they carried items from the car to the dining room and then crushed the boxes to be recycled. The children also helped me put sets together when something came in and we remembered that the yarn matched something else we received.

When the newspaper articles in the Sudbury Town Crier and the Concord Journal were printed, my children were stopped by friends and neighbors everywhere they went! The kids were asked about TLC For Angels. They were very proud to tell how the babies at the hospital would receive the items sent to Sudbury by women all over the country, how most of the items were handmade, and that their mom crochets nearly every day of her life!

I'm pleased that the children now know that it makes you feel good to give your time and talent to someone you may never meet. My son, Jeremy, and Meredith came to the presentation. Jeremy took photographs of everything at the presentation. He thought it was Very Cool to have the nurses and staff in the conference room to receive the boxes. He got to meet our State Representative, Susan Pope and he took pictures of her reading the citation to the staff congratulating them for being chosen by TLC For Angels for a presentation. We all had fun meeting Vicki and having pizza with her. They saw how Vicki is relentless in her goals for TLC and the babies. My family learned that people, who have never met, can come together and do a lot of wonderful things for babies all over the country!

My husband, Bob, realizes now that I can do more than laundry, carpool and shopping, that I am important to more people than the five members of our immediate family! He realizes that his wife really does work hard and how it makes me happy to do charity work and to make sure even just one more baby is provided for through something I can do.

VickiThe Heart of TLC for Angels

By Julie Saltz

TLC For Angels was founded on the belief that every child deserves a good start. It is heart wrenching to realize how many babies are born into the world without a warm blanket or proper clothing. When we present our donations to hospitals, consisting mainly of hand crafted clothing and blankets, we only provide for a small portion of the millions of babies born each year in the U.S. But if we can make a difference in just one life, our efforts are rewarded. If one more child goes home with a blanket or sweater to keep them warm, if one more angel is buried in a beautiful gown, if one more mother smiles because she has just learned that someone cares, we have been rewarded.

Every member of TLC For Angels knows that Vicki Knapp is the founder of the organization. We all know that it started as a dream. It was her dedication and loyalty to her own beliefs that breathed the first breath of life into TLC For Angels. Vicki Knapp is only one of many treasures you will find on the roster of volunteers. But if it were not for Vicki, TLC For Angels would not exist.

I often marvel at the work that she put into creating this organization, and the unselfish effort she puts forth still today is amazing. She manages to find time for family and friends, for running the administrative side of TLC For Angels, travels to each presentation, and still manages to craft her own handmade items to give to each hospital. There have been a few trials and lessons learned along the way. But with Vicki at the helm of our organization, we shall prevail!

Nancy Gallo and Kaye Hardin (trustees) should not go unmentioned. They too are inspiring and give unselfishly of their time and talents, along with many other members. Vicki’s husband Bob deserves recognition. He has worn many hats since TLC For Angels started. Ranging from Santa Claus in Ft. Myers, Florida to Travel Companion in Bangor Maine. (We thank you, Bob!) Everyone who has contributed to a TLC For Angels presentation deserves a pat on the back. One person alone cannot meet our goals. But the fact remains…

Vicki Knapp is the HEART of TLC For Angels.

Upcoming Projects

Cabell Huntington Hospital, Huntington, WV

Start Date: May 4, 2002
Mail Date: Aug 17, 2002
Delivery Date: in September 2002
Coordinator: Danette LeMaster

Covenant Medical Center, Waterloo, IA

Start Date: Aug 17
Mail Date: Nov 30

Original Patterns 

Craft for charity - Volunteer and donate handmade items you crochet, knit, or sew for babies and preemiesSee TLC Patterns for more patterns

Preemie Jumper Gown, modelled by “Roxie and Gabby” Cay’s LaNewborne Nursery Dolls.Preemie Jumper Gown

An Original Pattern, Designed by Cay Yunke

Sport yarn two colors; (Main color = MC, 4-6 oz Contrast Color = CC, 4 oz)
Size F and G hook
Note- all rows are ended with ch2 and does not count as stitch.

Shell = 2dc,ch2, 2dc in next st. (sh)
START With F hook and CC- ch 30
R 1- Dc in 3rd ch and in next 3 ch, sh, dc in 5 ch, sh, dc in 6 ch, sh, dc in 5ch, sh, dc in 4 ch, Ch 2 turn. (Note some times I put a pattern in the center 4 stitches of front, like fp or cross-stitch)
R 2- Dc across with sh in each chain space. Ch 2, turn.
R 3-5- Repeat row 2.
R 6- Dc across to first ch 2 space, 2dc in space, skip nest sts to next ch2 space, 2dc in ch2 space, (first sleeve opening made), dc across to next ch 2 space, 2dc in space, skip next sts to next ch2 space, 2dc in next ch 2 space, dc across, ch1 turn.
R 7- sc in each st across. Fasten off CC
R 8- with MC sl st in first dc and ch 1, sc across row. Ch 2 turn.
R 9- Change to G hk if you want, Dc across, increase 1 dc under arm x2, ch2 turn.
R 10- 15 - for gown, (10-20 for bunting) Dc across, ch2 turn.
Edge-- Sc around entire out fit, one or two rows with MC.
Sleeves-- With smaller hook and CC Sl st in center st under arm. ch 2 , dc around , do not join, ch 2 turn.
R 2-4- Dc across, ch2 turn.
R 5-(Dc in 3 dc, dec dc over next 2 st ) across, end with dc in last st. ch 2 turn.
R 6- repeat R 5, ch 1 turn. End off CC.
R 7-sl st MC ch 1 and sc in first st, (dec 1, sc in 2 st,) across.
Make ties at ends of rows for sleeves; 3 sets or more on the back.
For straps, with MC and small hook, Ch 15, sc in second ch, and across, 3 sc in end ch, sc down other side of ch. Fasten off. Sew to front from shoulder seam to waist.

All In One All In One (Crochet)

An Original Pattern, Designed by Cay Yunke

3 ply baby or sport yarn
MC - 6oz
CC-4 oz
G hook

Shell (sh) = 2dc,ch2, 2dc in next st or ch.(sh) With CC ch 30
R 1- Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch2 turn. NOTE: Ch2 does not count as st.
All In OneR 2- Dc in 4 dc, sh in next dc,dc in 5dc, sh in next dc,dc in 6dc,sh in next dc,dc in 5dc, sh in next dc,dc to end. Ch 2 turn.
R 3- Dc in each dc to ch 2 sp, * sh in ch 2 sp, dc in each dc; repeat from * across. Ch 2 turn.
R 4 & 5-- Repeat R3
R 6- Dc in each dc to ch 2 sp, 2 dc in ch2 sp, skip sts to next ch2 sp, 2dc in ch2 sp,dc acoss to next ch2 sp, 2dc in ch2 sp, skip sts to next ch 2 sp, 2dc in ch2 sp, dc across. Ch 1 turn (Arm holes made)
R 7- Sc across in each st, end off CC.
Now start bottom part----
R 1- Sl st MC in last sc and sc across, ch 2 turn.
R 2- 7-- Dc in each st across, Ch2 turn
R 8-- Dc in each st across join in first dc. (For rest of pattern rows, work in rounds.)
Rd 9 - Ch 3, dc around, join.
Rd 10- dc across half the dc, (this will bring you to center front) dc, join to ch 3 (Leave remaining st un-worked for now)-- First leg started.
Rd 11- 20 -ch 3, Dc around, join.
Rd 21- Ch 3, * dc in 2 dc, dec in next 2 sts, repeat from * around. Join
Rd 22- Ch3, dc in dc, dec in nest 2 sts, repeat from around. Join
Rd 23- Ch 3, dec in nest 2 sts around. Join. End off with enough yarn tail to sew toe sts.
Second Leg---
Join Mc to Last worked st of Rd 9, Ch 3
Rd 10 - 23 --Repeat first leg.
Rd 1- sl st CC to under arm dc, Ch 2, dc around, join in first dc.
Rd 2-4 = ch 3, dc around, join
Rd 5- ch 2, * dc in nest 3 dc, dec in next 2 sts, repeat from * across join.
End off CC.

Simple Baby Afghan Simple Baby Afghan (Crochet)

An Original Pattern, Designed By Debbie Murray

G or H Hook
About 3 skeins of Red Heart for newborn size Supersaver worsted weight yarn

Foundation: (Edging) Ch 4, dc in the 4th ch from the hook; ch 3, turn. * Dc in space between previous dc and ch-3 turning ch; ch 3, turn. Repeat from * until you have the length that you would like your blanket to be. Do not turn!
Row 1: Working along the side edge of the Foundation row, Ch 3, hdc in dc below; (ch1, sc in the next sp) across to the last ch space. Ch 1, sc in the last dc, ch 3, hdc in ch of beg ch so that you will have an open square at the end. Ch 3, turn.
Row 2: hdc in first sc, * ch 1, sc in next sc. Repeat from * to the last sc. Ch3, hdc in 3rd ch of ch 3. Ch 3, turn.
Repeat Row 2 until your afghan is the size you want.
Last Row: ch 3, dc in the first sc, ch 3, sk one sc, dc in the next sc to the end.

Special Thanks

TLC For Angels wishes to express sincere thanks and appreciation to the following, for donating their time and services in helping us to obtain our 501 3 Status:
Mr. Joe Puglisi, C.P.A. of Rothstein, Kass & Co., P.C. in New Jersey
Mr. Jerry Selvers, Esq. of Sonnenblick, Parker & Selvers, P.C. in New Jersey

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to the following people, who have made monetary donations to TLC For Angels:

2001 Donors
Mr.and Mrs. Kozloski of Massachusetts
SeaCoast Foundation of New York
Mrs. Sue Gardner of California
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Waite of New Jersey
Surety Holding Corp. of New Jersey
Mr. and Mrs. Yunke of Wisconsin
Mrs. VanDorn of Iowa
Mr. and Mrs. John Gallo of New York

2002 Donors
Mr. & Mrs Chapman of North Carolina
Mr. & Mrs. William Hart of Maine
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Necklen of New Jersey
Surety Holdings Corp. of New Jersey

People like you help to make our dreams become reality. Thank you!

Joining Forces

Junior Girl Scout Troop 296 of Auburn, Michigan is making crib quilts to be donated to TLC For Angels, to earn their Bronze Award. The troop is under the leadership of Mary Beth Larkin.

The Crochet Guild of New Jersey Lakewood Chapter has made their work theme for April 2002 dedicated to making items for donation to TLC For Angels projects.

Mrs. Whitehead’s 4th grade class at Coltrane-Webb elementary school in Concord, NC is making lovey dolls and collecting items for Angel cache boxes, to be donated to TLC For Angels’ Jacobi Hospital project. Mrs. Whitehead is the daughter of Nancy Gallo, TLC For Angels Trustee.

Board Members:

Vicki Knapp: Trustee
Nancy Gallo: Trustee
Kaye Hardin: Trustee
Melissa French: Dir. Public Relations
Debbie Murray: Dir. of Research
Julie Saltz: Dir. Publications


A baby girl born to TLC For Angels member Kerri Fenn of Southington, Ct. Faith Elizabeth, born March 1, 2002 9lbs, 15½ oz, 19½ inches. Congratulations, Kerri and Family!


TLC For Angels Trustees and Board Members wish to extend their thanks, appreciation and gratitude to each and every member for the generous contributions they have made to each presentation. Thank you also to those members who have served (and those who will serve) as coordinator at our presentations. Your time and talents are appreciated!

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